Until He Comes
No More Ishmaels!
By Co-Pastor SorrentiaT. Harris
By Co-Pastor SorrentiaT. Harris
Until HE Comes is an inspirational anointed modern-day non-fictional manual mandatory for today's Christian women desiring to be married. 

Each chapter will help you gain intimacy with God, and will help you receive healing to prepare you for new relationships. 

You will also learn what to do while you are single and waiting on the Lord to send you your soulmate. The subjects covered in this book are also great for married women too!

The principles of this book reveal:
   • Are you ready for your soulmate?
   • Do you know what you need 
     in a mate?
   • Have you been delivered from          past hurts?  

...and what to do while you wait.
In this book Co-Pastor Harris teaches us how to recognize and know what God has for you in a soulmate.

You'll recognize the wrong mates very easily after gaining this knowledge! God wants His daughters happy and free, living the desires of your heart. This book will help you in your wait to be successful and not live in defeat !

Hold on, take a ride & by no means,
"Accept No More Ishmael's!"
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